Twitch’s new moderator widget gives banned users the chance to appeal

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We all make mistakes, which is why Twitch has introduced a brand new widget for moderators to go through unban requests.

If you’ve ever been banned in a streamer’s channel on Twitch, you’ll know there’s very little you can do to appeal your ban as you lose your privilege to chat. There are ways around this, such as directly messaging a chat moderator or the owner of the channel, but these requests can easily be forgotten about. The new unban requests widget allows banned users to submit an appeal through the chat column. Moderators can review these requests anonymously to avoid any instances of personal abuse.

There is some controversy surrounding this feature as a number of minority streamers are worried this could subject them to further harassment. Twitch has confirmed banned users will only receive one unban appeal, meaning this feature cannot be constantly abused. As the unban requests go directly to the channel’s moderators, some streamers are worried about their moderators being targeted directly.

While some streamers are more than willing to listen to their banned user’s appeals, others want the option to operate on a permanent basis with no room for appeals. Twitch hasn’t allowed this feature to be disabled by streamers, giving trolls one last opportunity to harass the moderators of a channel they’ve been banned from.

The unban requests widget is available now and will be heading to mobile at a later date. The launch of this new widget ties in with Soundtrack by Twitch, a library of licensed music for streamers to play without worrying about DMCA takedowns.