UK Twitch Partners could be getting their earnings unfairly taxed by the US government

Twitch Partners in the UK – and potentially other countries outside the US – may not be receiving the full cut of their Twitch subscriber money because of an issue with their onboarding that sees their earnings taxed by the American government.

Emily Bello, who is one half of streaming couple ‘Fremily’, posted a video to Twitter on October 21 showing her findings after she dug into why they were receiving less money from subs to their channel than they should have been. Emily discovered that it is down to an issue with the Partner Onboarding process, which will show itself as being completed even though streamers must redo it due to one of the forms you send in the process expiring.

The form in question is the one that is sent to the American government to inform them not to tax you as you’re a British citizen who will pay tax on your Twitch earnings in the UK. The form is necessary as you’re being paid by Twitch themselves who are based in the US. Emily urges all partners to redo the entire process, including the form, as her account started to show the correct figures after she had done so and her payments have returned to normal.

Although there is a fix, many streamers will have lost out on a significant portion of their Twitch earnings every month, with Emily claiming that her channel’s payments have been almost a third less than what they should have been.

Many are criticising Twitch for not clearly alerting them to the fact that the onboarding process needed to be repeated and for showing it as still completed on their partner onboarding pages.

It is currently unclear whether this issues is affecting all streamers outside of the US, or just those based in the UK.

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