Summit1g, Tyler1, and xQc are February’s most watched Twitch streamers


Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar has, for the second month in a row, been the most watched streamer on Twitch, thanks to both his Escape from Tarkov streams and his return to GTA V RP.

According to stats from Twitch Tracker, Summit1g – who is the fifth most followed active streamer on the platform – has been watched for over 8 million hours in February 2020 thanks to his long broadcasts that have seen an average viewership of 31,000 people. It’s almost impossible that anyone will catch him in the final two days of the month. While he has been continuing to grind out content on Escape from Tarkov, the end of the month also saw Summit1g return to an old favourite as he entered the realm of GTA V roleplaying again for the first time since November 2019.

While fans were happy to see Summit1g back on GTA V, he was quick to point out that it would be a “nighttime game” only and that Tarkov would remain his channels main title for the foreseeable future.

In second is League of Legends streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp, who has accumulated over 6.5 million hours watched this month so far and an average audience of around 29,000. Variety streamer Felix ‘xQc’ comes in third with just shy of 6 million hours watched.

While these streamers have had their content viewed the most this month, the prize for the highest peak audience will likely go to German streamer Marcel ‘MontanaBlack88’ Eris, who on February 9 saw 152,000 viewers cram into his stream at the same time. It’s unlikely anyone will be able to top this so close to the end of the month.

Summit1g’s continued reign at the top of Twitch in 2020 is a testament to the popularity of looter-shooter Escape from Tarkov, which has consistently been one of the top titles on Twitch since the turn of the year.