Streamer kills a virtual squirrel while playing PGA Tour 2K21

Streamer used Golf Ball... it's super effective!

PGA Tour 2K21 is being positively received as one of the best golf games of the generation, although that admittedly is not a particularly crowded category. However, the game comes with a surprising feature which wasn’t advertised: you can kill squirrels in the game.

Streamer ‘MOONMOON’ was playing the new golf sim on Twitch, lining up his putt when he noticed a squirrel on the green. Curious, he adjusted his aim to hit the squirrel, chuckling as the squirrel fell over while the ball sailed past it. While unlucky for the squirrel, the adjustment turned out to be good news for MOONMOON, who actually made the long putt off the back of this adjustment.

While the squirrel had taken a tumble, that mostly happened off screen with the camera following the ball. It wasn’t until MOONMOON’s next shot on the training green that he saw the poor, dead squirrel splayed on the grass, rigor mortis already setting in.

PGA 2K21 marks the start of a new era for golf games. The PGA franchise had previously been owned by EA, who ran with the Tiger Woods series (which became the Rory McIlroy series) for over a decade until 2015. Following years of poor reviews and poor sales, the license was taken off EA and given to 2K, who initially used the PGA courses as part of its The Golf Club series, before officially launching the PGA 2K series earlier this month.

It is unknown if squirrel murder will be part of the long term ethos for 2K’s new take on the series, but judging by the positive reviews for the game, it may secretly be key to the game’s success.