Watch as a lobster explodes in a Twitch streamer’s face


An IRL cooking streamer was left red faced on Twitch after a giant lobster she was attempting to eat exploded in her face.

The hilarious clip, which roughly translates to ‘Lobster Mukbang Legend’, features a relatively small Korean streamer called Jjolbi1987 who has just over 10,000 followers. It shows her attempting to tear the tail off a massive lobster, which ends in disaster when she uses a too much force.

The streamer, who was left with lobster on her face, specialises in mukbang streams, a popular streaming genre in Korea that involves cooking and eating feasts of food whilst interacting with chat. However, it’s unlikely that she has ever had one go wrong this badly, even if she did see the funny side of it. There was also little sympathy from her viewers, with the chat being littered with ‘ㅋ’s, the Korean equivalent of ‘lol’ in English.

The incredible clip can be seen below.

Mukbang is one of the most popular genres of streaming in Korea, with the most popular mukbang streamers having millions of followers. It has become so popular, in fact, that Twitch has set up its own sub-genre on the platform, entitled ‘Social Eating’.

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