Streamer cut from Fortnite black hole stream for talking about Hong Kong


A streamer was cut from Twitch’s official broadcast of the Fortnite black hole after he was asked a question about Hong Kong.

The stream on Twitch’s official channel would briefly bring in the broadcasts of streamers who were also watching the black hole event. While ‘Flamelord1998’ was being featured on the stream, one of his viewers asked him the question: “What is your favourite viewpoint of Hong Kong’s issues?”

Flamelord, who had been on Twitch’s stream for around 14 minutes up until that point, leans back in his chair after reading the question aloud and begins to answer. He manages to say: “Umm, in all honesty I -” before being cut from the stream. Although the cutaway could potentially be explained by an automatic hosting bot deciding to end Flamelord’s stint on the stream, it seems highly coincidental that he was un-featured immediately after Hong Kong was mentioned.

The gaming community has been piling increasing amounts of pressure on big companies in the industry after many have taken precautions to avoid any political views being brought up during broadcasts. This stems from Blizzard’s decision earlier this month to ban Hearthstone player Chung ‘Blitzchung’ Ng Wai for using a post-match interview to voice his opinions on the political unrest in Hong Kong.

Flamelord was not the only streamer to get un-featured from the livestream. In a non-Hong Kong related moment, Fortnite streamer ‘Ranger’ appeared to be booted from the stream after he suggested to his viewers that he should start watching clips of Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins.

Ninja stopped streaming on Twitch earlier this year to sign an exclusive deal with rival platform Mixer. The popular streamer left Twitch on bad terms after they used his inactive account to advertise other streamers and, unintentionally, a stream showing pornography.

On discovering he was being featured on Twitch’s stream, Ranger says: “Let’s watch some old Ninja for the Twitch boys. Wait… no. Should I watch Ninja on Twitch? Probably no-” before being cut from the stream.

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