Soundtrack by Twitch avoids DMCA takedowns over licensed music

Twitch is looking to solve one of the biggest problems creators face when live streaming – Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedowns over copyrighted music. Soundtrack by Twitch aims to provide streamers with a library of free songs to avoid any music-related disputes.

When streamers play copyrighted music, they face DMCA takedowns which can abruptly end a live stream. This also affects past broadcasts and highlights as sections with infringing music will end up being muted, leading to VODs with silent gaps. Soundtrack offers a safe and legal alternative, as it features licensed music that can be played during live streams without any consequences, giving streamers access to hundreds of songs from over 20 label and distribution partners.

Soundtrack doesn’t feature licenses for on-demand content like VODs or separate YouTube videos. To tackle this, Twitch isolates and mutes the music feed on your stream, allowing the rest of your stream audio to play in past broadcasts and clips. This will avoid whole sections of VODs being muted, rendering past broadcasts almost entirely useless.

Prior to the release of Soundtrack, streamers had to be extremely careful about DMCA takedowns as Twitch operates on a three strikes policy. If your channel receives three DMCA strikes, it’ll be permanently deleted. This year, many streamers were hit with DMCA takedowns from past broadcasts going back as far as two years ago. This led to several Twitch partners deleting every clip on their channel in order to avoid permanent bans.

Currently, the Soundtrack beta is only compatible with OBS Studio v26.0 or later. Twitch has stated Soundtrack will be built directly into their own streaming software, Twitch Studio at some point in the future. Streamlabs OBS users will be pleased to know Soundtrack will also be coming soon, albeit at a later date.

Unlike Twitch’s Watch Parties, which are restricted to countries that have Amazon Prime, Soundtrack is available worldwide. If you want to give Soundtrack a try, you’ll have to join the waitlist before receiving an invite.

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