Shroud jokes he’s “too famous” after having too many Twitch viewers to raid

He was streaming to 90,000 people at the time

Nothing puts a smile on a Twitch streamer’s face more than getting a huge raid from one of the platform’s biggest stars. The moment they decide to send their bustling community into your chat is often a great experience for up and coming streamers.

However, when one of Twitch’s resident good guys, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek, attempted to do just that, he found out there is such a thing as being too good at your job. Following another huge Rust stream, shroud looks ready to wrap up for the day and send his 90,000 viewers over to a smaller streamer for the shock of a lifetime.

However, when he attempts to start the raid, he is shown an error message by Twitch saying that he has too many viewers to actually go into another stream. The message reads: “Sorry, you have more viewers than the maximum capacity supported by Twitch.” Clearly confused by the message, shroud instead asks his viewers to do the leg work and choose one of three smaller streamers to go and watch instead in an unofficial raid.

He also jokes that he is now “too famous” for the platform and, in the words of the great DJ Khaled, is “suffering from success.”

We are just as confused as shroud is as to why he was blocked from starting a raid, as there seems to be no previous instances of this message being shown. A browse of Twitch’s guide to channel raids also says nothing about a maximum viewer limit.

Raids act as a great way of showcasing new talent on Twitch, so hopefully this is just a one off glitch and not a new restriction that will prevent the biggest streamers from giving those with smaller communities a moment to remember.