Twitch appoints streamers and experts to new Safety Advisory Council

Despite having a strong sense of community spirit, Twitch still has its problems. So in a bid to keep its community “safe and healthy,” the company has appointed several partnered streamers and safety experts to its new safety advisory council. The group will help Twitch create new policies and update existing ones, as well as develop new features to promote safety, and protect the interests of marginalised groups on the platform.

The council is comprised of Twitch partners CohhCarnage, Cupahnoodle, FerociouslySteph, and Zizaran, who all have a combined following of 1.6 million. They’ll be joined by Alex Holmes, the deputy CEO of The Diana Award, Emma Llanso, the director of the Center for Democracy and Technology’s Free Expression Project, Dr Sameer Hinduja, the co-director of the Cyberbully Research Centre, and T.L. Taylor, director of research for AnyKey.

The group collectively are experts on online safety and moderation, which let’s be honest, Twitch has struggled with for a while, especially when it comes to transparency over suspensions and bans.

But that’s not all the group is going to do. In recent weeks, a number of bids to break the world record for the longest concurrent stream and the most hours streamed in a single month, have been recorded. So to help with that, plus the threat of burnout, the group will be promoting “healthy streaming and work-life balance habits.”

What they’ll do to change the culture on Twitch remains to be seen, but it’s a step in the right direction for Twitch.

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