Twitch Rivals’ Summer Rumble is back with LoL, Valorant, and TfT

Riot Games’ Twitch Rivals Summer Rumble is back for another year of epic competition across League of Legends, Valorant, and TfT - here’s when it all starts

Twitch Rivals Summer Rumble start date: An image of two characters on a purple background

It’s that time of year again, gamers! Riot Games’ epic Twitch Rivals Summer Rumble is back for another year of brilliant competition across League of Legends, Valorant, and Teamfight Tactics. Much like last year, players can expect to see ten teams, made up of 150 popular content creators from the EMEA region, go toe-to-toe in all three free-to-play games with one goal in mind: to prove that they’re the best in the region at all three.

While we don’t know who’s going to come out on top this time around, we do know that the players are going to be playing a lot more in this year’s Summer Rumble. In 2022, players are going to be playing non-conference matches during the Group Stage of the competition on top of their scheduled, scored, matches. This is going to mean that fans will be able to watch their favourite players compete even more – and, in the result of a tie, a swift decision should be reached.

Day One of the tournament is currently scheduled for August 22 and will include the complete Points Stage for Teamfight Tactics alongside the first day of the Group Stage for both League of Legends and Valorant.

Following this, the thrilling conclusion of the Teamfight Tactics branch of this competition will be played out – with the playoffs kicking off at 12:45 PST / 15:45 EST / 20:45 BST. The second day of the Group Stage for League of Legends and Valorant is scheduled to play out alongside this. However, it’s due to end fifteen minutes before the Teamfight Tactics playoff finals finish – so, you should be able to catch the end of that match.

Then, all the action from this year’s Twitch Rivals Summer Rumble will conclude with the League of Legends final on August 24 at 14:30 PST / 17:30 EST / 22:30 BST and the Valorant final on August 24 at 15:45 PST / 18:45 EST / 23:45 BST. We’re expecting both of these to last a few hours, so you might have to tune into both at once if you don’t want to miss any of the action.

However, that shouldn’t be a problem. You will be able to catch it all on the Twitch Rivals Twitch channel – and it will all be co-streamed by each team’s captain. There will also be a link popping up on the final day of the competition where players can get their hands on either a League of Legends Summoner Icon or a Valorant Gun Buddy.

We know Valorant is one of the best competitive FPS games out there right now, but you know that both League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics are going to put on a good show. And, who knows… You might be able to pick up some tips on how to climb the League of Legends ranks and Valorant ranks while watching – which is never a bad thing.