Twitch smashes record for hours watched, hours streamed, and concurrent viewership

This is how all the big streaming platforms did during the pandemic

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While the world was stuck inside during the Covid-19 pandemic, it seems that a lot of us turned to the streaming world for our entertainment. According to a new report from Stream Hatchet and Stream Labs, Twitch broke record after record in Q2 of 2020, and Facebook Gaming didn’t do half bad either.

The big highlight on the report shows that Twitch smashed their record for hours watched with 5 billion hours over the period. That’s over three times the hours watched compared to Facebook Gaming, the next highest number, with 1,502.9 million, and over 47 times more than Mixer who only achieved 106.2 million in that time.

In terms of hours streamed, Twitch once again tops the charts with a staggering 192.7 million hours streamed, over a total on 9,996,300 unique channels. YouTube Gaming Live did surprisingly well too, with 16.9 million hours streamed over 1,056,536 channels while Mixer achieved 36.3 mill hours streamed over their 5,048,101 channels. Facebook Gaming had only six million hours streamed over 203,554 channels.

This might come as a surprise as we know now that Mixer is dissolving this month and integrating, at least in part, with Facebook Gaming. The Microsoft property didn’t do so well in the hours watched category, but it had far more unique channels and hours streamed than Facebook’s platform.

It is clear, however, that the true winner of the streaming wars this past quarter was Twitch. 5 billion hours watched is an incredible number – and, for context, in Q1 2020 Twitch reached 3,114 million hours watched in the same time period. This quarter almost doubled the number of hours people were watching its streams.

Its concurrent viewership also ballooned. Q1 had an average CCV of 1,441,698 viewers while Q2 averaged at 2,355,282 which is a 63.4% increase and another all-time high. Mixer, on the other hand only averaged at around 50,445 which didn’t even topple their current record of 51,877 which was achieved this time last year.

With a little bit of insight into the numbers that Twitch has achieved, it might be no surprise that Mixer shutting down this month. After buying some of the biggest streamers, it still couldn’t keep up with Amazon’s platform.