PS5 reveal achieves Twitch’s highest ever peak audience for a single event

It takes the top spot from the 2019 League of Legends World Championships

The next generation of games consoles have been hotly anticipated, and yesterday saw Sony reveal an exciting lineup of titles and give us a first look of the PS5 itself during its ‘Future of Gaming’ livestream.

The event also saw an enormous amount of excited gamers tune in. According to stats from Esports Charts Pro, the stream drew in a collective peak audience of over 7.2 million people across all platforms; that’s the second highest peak audience for a streamed event ever behind last month’s NASA and SpaceX rocket launch that took two American astronauts to the International Space Station.

The event also smashed a record for Twitch’s biggest peak audience for a single event. The record previously stood at around 1.7 million for 2019’s League of Legends World Championships, but Sony’s PS5 event now blows that out the water after achieving a peak of over 2.8 million viewers. Esports Charts Pro also reports that there was an even larger audience watching on YouTube Live with a 4.4 million peak.

These stats also do not include viewership from Chinese streaming sites as the data is hard to retrieve, but it is likely that China has millions more gaming fans tuning in.

The PS5 reveal has not only gone down as one of the biggest gaming events, but it’s set a pretty big benchmark on Twitch for others to now try and beat.