Popdog helps you watch streamers from Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer in one place

Why have three tabs open when you can just have one?

With streamers spread across so many different streaming platforms, it can be hard to find who and what to watch. But now Loaded, the talent agency who has Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek on its books, has created a new website called Podog that’s designed to make that process easier for you.

The website, which pulls streams from Mixer, Twitch, and YouTube according to Polygon, allows you to browse popular streamers, games, esports at the click of a button. New streamers who see an inflation in views will even appear in the trending section of the site, which will hopefully allow them to grow naturally.

You don’t have to click through and open a new tab either – the site will allow you to watch the stream right from Popdog and give you all the options to chat, react, and subscribe without going anywhere else.

The Popdog team has been hard at work on this website for a while now, but it’s not finished yet.

“It’s a start – and hopefully a good one – but far from a finished product,” the Popdog team says in its latest blog. “We have some neat features – like the ability to import your follows from multiple platforms so you can keep everything all in one place; an esports directory that automatically displays the scores of ongoing matches; and a “trending” algorithm that uses our fancy data backend to highlight content that’s significantly outperforming its average. But ultimately, this product is something that we hope will develop into something more.

“We plan on adding more features, like profile pages and deeper esports functionality – and our most important goal now that we’ve launched is to gather feedback from everyone in the community and the industry and find what works best for all. We don’t want to build what we want – we want to build what you guys want.”

The team is now collecting feedback and will alter the site in the coming months.