Pokimane donates $500 towards Twitch streamer’s leukemia treatment

SkeeterMagavin and her fiancee Alec Ludford were blown away by the donation


Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys left a fellow streamer close to tears after donating $500 dollars towards treatment for his fiancee’s leukemia treatment.

Alec Ludford, an IRL streamer who is known livestreaming himself fishing, has been using Twitch streams to document the treatment of his fiancee Stefany, who is also a streamer who goes by the name ‘SkeeterMagavin’ and often streams with Ludford. He proposed to Stefany earlier this week, and the clip has been one of the most watched on Twitch in the last seven days with hundreds of thousands of views.

During her December 4 livestream, Pokimane came across the clip of the porposal and felt compelled to help the couple. Her donation left Ludlow shocked as he was thanking people for follows and donations and nearly brought him to tears as he lay next to Stefany on her hospital bed. “A $500 donation from Pokimane…Wow,” he says, covering his face with his hands in disbelief.

“Thank you, so very much,” an emotional Ludlow continues after composing himself. “Thank you for that… You have no idea what that means for both of us. Thank you so much.”

Even in the midst of her cancer treatment, Stefany even managed to joke that her new fiance would now “go to the casino” after receiving the incredibly generous donation.

A few hours later, Ludlow tweeted to thank everyone for their support, saying that the donations to help with the treatment are a “blessing.”