Plane spotting Twitch streamers see viewership spike from UK’s Storm Eunice

In a storm, every landing is a Ryanair landing, and Twitch streamers are living for it. Is plane spotting the next Twitch meta?

Twitch plane storm: A twitch logo with a plane next to it

If there’s one thing the United Kingdom doesn’t deal with very well, it’s extreme weather. Today, thanks to Storm Eunice, Brits all over the country are looking out of their windows in fear, hoping their beloved fence panels, wheelie bins, and trampolines survive the 80mph gusts of wind. But in all of this worry, something else has taken hold: plane spotting on Twitch.

In the last couple of hours streamers on Twitch have turned into plane fanatics, watching live feeds of planes trying to land in these blustery conditions. Big Jet TV’s feed of Heathrow Airport on YouTube has become a firm favourite with the likes of Guild streamer Harriet ‘Harrie’ Silver, Nick ‘Nmp’ Polom, ‘Two Angry Gamers’, ‘Leopard’,  and former racing driver Max Fewtrell, all of whom are broadcasting the footage to tens of thousands of viewers.

Given Twitch is thriving on react meta content – where streamers watch video-on-demand content – this is perfect for that. When you’ve got a bloke basically shoutcasting planes rocking from side to side on the approach – and giving pilots praise when they nail the landing – it’s hardly surprising that this is proving to be a recipe for success.

For ‘Airlinerslive’ who are broadcasting the view of Manchester Airport on multiple platforms, today’s interest in plane spotting has helped them reach more people on Twitch. When asked about their viewership on Twitch, the Airlinerslive Twitch called their 520-strong viewers as “a bit of a flex” even though “it’s not quite ‘xQc’.”

We’re sure xQc would give it a watch though, so who knows what might happen a bit later. One thing’s for sure though, given the hype for plane watching channels right now and the love for react content, everyone wants a slice of a good old Ryanair-style landing.