Twitch launches new feature that blocks ads for Partner streamers

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Twitch has launched a new feature for its Partnered streamers that will stop them from seeing ads on the platform. This means that when any of Twitch’s 27,000 Partners are trying to watch another streamer on their broadcast, no advertisements will play for them by default – something many have got around in the past by forking out for a Twitch Turbo subscription.

According to streaming expert Zach Bussey, the new feature was secretly rolled out last week and was officially announced to Twitch Partners over the weekend. This is not just a nice incentive for Twitch’s biggest streamers, but is also an aid to channel discovery through raiding. Raids are a vital way for smaller channels on Twitch to get some attention, but with ads popping up for bigger streamers when browsing for a fun streamer to go and raid, the process could become frustrating. With ads gone, this will hopefully make finding people to raid much easier.

However, as Bussey explains, this does appear to be a somewhat temporary solution, and it is still unclear if the ad-free experience for Partners will be just for when they are live.

“Alright, from what I can gather at this point there’s internal debate about how this perk is going to be implemented long term,” Bussey says. “So, you might not want to cancel your Turbo subscription, as this feature “wouldn’t replace Turbo.”

This is also potentially a step towards Twitch creating a system that would allow all users being involved in a raid having an ad-free experience during the first stages of a raid. As a number of creators have pointed out, the experience of those joining a stream as part of a raid can often be underwhelming if they get hit with an ad from the get-go.

While the concept of the raid system is great, niggles such as being served ads when raiding can really hamper both the experience and its usefulness. While seemingly an isolated incident, top streamer Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek recently witnessed yet another issue with the raid system, after an automated message told him he had too many viewers to raid another channel.

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