Twitch mistakenly bans Nightbot for five minutes

The moderating bot was banned for five minutes.

A moderating bot was banned and unbanned on Twitch in the space of five minutes yesterday. Nightbot, which is used by thousands of streamers on the platform, was banned due to a falsified DMCA request, according to its Twitter page.

Digiturk, a Turkish satellite television provider, sent the DMCA request claiming a livestream that afternoon featured copyrighted work. That seems a bit misleading however, as Nightbot’s Twitch page is simply a hub page for the bot, and does not actually contain any content.

Despite that, Twitch banned the account yesterday, causing a moderation outage on many streams. Although Twitch realised it had made a mistake and restored the account five minutes later, some users were unable to to get Nightbot to rejoin their chat as its API access tokens were also revoked in the ban.

It’s unclear if Digiturk meant to send a DMCA request given that no copyrighted work was actually highlighted, but mistake or not, it caused havoc for streamers who rely on the bot to moderate their chat, block terms, answer commands, or run giveaways.

“I don’t know how Twitch’s copyright strike system works, but I assume for certain media partners like Digiturk they can instantly take down channels and Twitch moderation team then has a manual review process after the takedown (which is why it was reversed 5 minutes later),” Nightbot says on Twitch.

Although Nightbot’s now has full access to the platform again, it’s unclear if its copyright strike has been removed or not. The event has also raised questions about Twitch’s takedown policy and procedure, which some argue now needs to be reviewed.