Twitch reveals new nudity policy, says cleavage is “unrestricted”

There won't be any nipples or underboob, though

Streamers are allowed to show cleavage on Twitch now according to the platform’s updated community guidelines, which are supposed to clarify its stance on nudity and suitable attire. However, streamers showing off their nipples, underboob, buttocks, or genitals will still be slapped with an immediate ban.

The revisions to the rules comes as Twitch tries to clarify its stance on nudity to help streamers like body painters and cosplayers keep safe from the ban hammer. Previously female streamers have been banned for wearing bikinis while streaming on the beach or by their pool, or even cosplaying their favourite League of Legends champion.

“Our goal is to set standards that allow you to elevate your content and express yourself in a variety of ways, without exposing our global, diverse community to inappropriate content,” Twitch says on its website. “We aim to be transparent around our standards and expectations–both in general and specific contextual exceptions – to empower your creative expression and boost your confidence with a clear understanding of our guidelines.”

Streamers aren’t allowed to be fully or partially nude on stream or have the the outline of their genitals visible according to the updated rules. Women are allowed “unrestricted cleavage” but their nipples must be covered at all times.

Anything below the the waist must be covered, and sheer or partially see-through clothing will not count as appropriate attire.

There are some exceptions to the rule though. IRL streamers won’t be penalised if they accidentally capture nudity in the background providing they don’t focus on it, and delete the offending VOD, and streamers on the beach are allowed to wear swimsuits. Body artists need to have pasties covering their nipples, and mothers who want to breastfeed their child on stream are fine to do so.

Sexually suggestive content like erotic dancing, simulated sex acts and pole dancing are still a no no though.

Now you know.