Twitch’s new Mod View makes channel moderation easier

All with the click of a button

Twitch Chat mobile

Community moderators are truly the unsung heroes on Twitch. They do everything from making new followers and subscribers feel welcome, to warning and banning viewers for taking things a bit too far. Now to make their jobs easier, Twitch is launching a new channel mode made just for them with special widgets designed to help them keep track of specific things – or specific users.

Previously moderators had to keep an eye on chat and time out users by typing commands in chat, and if you’ve ever had that power, you’ll know how time consuming it is. Now, with Mod View, which is basically a customisable home menu, mods can customise their view and even search for a viewers chat history, identify the up-time count, and see the other moderators online.

There’s also a new AutoMod Queue widget which will allow mods to approve or deny messages caught by the AutoMod. All actions are recorded too, so you can see which mod has approved or denied a message.

Twitch has introduced the new feature as part of the Mod Day celebrations as part of its promise to make the platform better and fairer for all. Mod View is available now.