Mizkif viewers donate more than $5,000 while he sleeps on Twitch

It's the easiest money he'll ever make


Streaming is a lucrative business, with some of Twitch’s biggest stars boasting net worths well into the millions of dollars and being rewarded for their entertaining content with subscriptions and donations.

However, sometimes the best way to make some money on Twitch is to do nothing at all. And that’s exactly what Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo did during his March 4 stream, which saw around 5,000 viewers tune in to watch him sleep. Yep, sleep.

After telling his chat a few hours into his stream that he was feeling tired and had had a “long day,” Mizkif then proposed he would take a nap for a few hours on stream but encouraged his fans to donate with the incentive that they could play clips through his media share in order to try and wake him up from his sleep. Mizkif ended up sleeping for around six hours before waking up and checking in with his stream to see how much had been made through donations.

“Just to show you how dumb it is to be a streamer,” a bleary-eyed Mizkif says has he brings up his Twitch dashboard, “$5,500 in donations. Literally sleeping. Sorry, $5,600. I literally slept and I made $5,500 doing nothing. So next time you think about how much streamers make who get non-stop TTS [text-to-speak donations], think about it.”

Mizkif decided that for doing so little to earn the money, he would give back to his viewers by offering a Nintendo Switch (or the equivalent cash) to whoever was top of the leaderboard after some rounds of Marbles On Stream.

Mizkif’s sleeping experiment shows just how much fans are willing to fork out to their favourite streamers, even when they’re doing nothing at all.