Lando Norris’ British GP helmet revealed during his latest Twitch stream

Warning: It's cute

Formula 1 driver Lando Norris is no stranger to Twitch. The youngster, who pretty much became a full-time streamer during the lockdown, usually entertains his community by showing off his sim racing skills, but his latest stream was a little bit different.

A few weeks ago, the McLaren driver asked his fans to create some designs for his Silverstone helmet, and in a super short stream today, Norris finally gave us our first look at it. And while he no doubt received some flash designs from those who live and breathe Formula 1, the Brit decided to opt for a design created by six-year-old Eva Muttram.

It’s wildly different from the types of helmets Norris usually wears, but as you can see from the clip below, it’s also very, very cute. Featuring his initials, logo, two hearts, and a pretty beefy looking McLaren car, Norris’ Silverstone helmet will definitely make him stand out among the crowd. His name is also printed on the side, although the final letter of his surname has been dropped onto a third line as Eva ran out of room on the initial design.

“I chose my winner and I decided to go with something that was very… original,” he says. “Very different from what I’m used to and something which means a lot to the person and means a lot to me. It reminds me a lot of me when I was younger designing helmets and drawing away.

“This is the winner. It’s very different to what I’m used to,” he continues after the reveal. “All this glitz and glamour and sparkly bits and swooshes and cool stuff – I just went with something that reminded me of me when I was young.”

“I think it’s really cute, I like the colours, it’s original. Thank you very much Eva for taking your time in designing my helmet. I love it and I will be wearing it all weekend no matter if it’s wet or dry.”

How cool is that?