Twitch employee Hassan fired following sexual misconduct investigation

Hassan was accused by several women in June this year

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Twitch employee Hassan Bokhari’s account has been banned following an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations. Hassan had served as director of strategic partnerships for Twitch, a role which included working with many smaller streamers. Twitch has confirmed he is no longer an employee.

“We take accusations extremely seriously, and we engaged a reputable third-party firm to conduct a thorough investigation into the allegations,” Twitch’s statement to streaming journalist Rod Breslau reads. “While it is our policy to keep individual employment information confidential, the investigation has concluded and we have taken action in accordance with the investigators’ findings.”

Hassan was accused in June this year, with several victims coming forward to detail how he had used his position of power to manipulate them into sexual favours. Hassan was also accused of ignoring allegations against other streamers soliciting nudes from their fans.

The week Hassan was accused came during a watershed moment for the gaming industry, with close to 150 figures being accused of sexual harassment, coercion, or misconduct in the final week of June.

Robert ‘Hashinshin’ Brotz and Gonzalo ‘ZeRo’ Barrios were also amongst those named that week, both separately accused of the same offence: grooming and harassing minors. ZeRo admitted to his charges at the time and both have subsequently been banned from Twitch.

While not all of those named were streamers, it appears that Twitch is continuing to clean house after promising to work on making the streaming community “safer for everyone.”