Twitch is down for some users right now

Twitch, Reddit, and many other big sites are experiencing technical issues

Twitch's purple, white, and black Twitch Glitch logo

June 8 The technical issues with Fastly have been fixed, and Twitch is now back online

Streaming platform Twitch is experiencing some big technical issues right now and is currently either completely down or unable to load streams for some users.

Users and streamers are reporting varying issues with the site, from getting either Error 503 messages, to not being able to load streams on the site, to being able to watch streams from the homepage but nowhere else. Dozens of streamers have also reported that Twitch is down. Twitch’s support account on Twitter has also recognised the outages, and says it is investigating. Despite this, Twitch’s own status site says all aspects of Twitch are operating as normal, and no incidents have been reported for today, June 8.

The technical problems appear to be stemming from either issues or a targeted attack on Fastly, a cloud computing service used by not only Twitch but also community sites like Reddit and large media outlets like the New York Times.

It appears all sites using Fastly services are impacted and provide error messages when you’re trying to access them.

The Fastly issues are also causing some emojis on social media platforms to not display correctly.

With such a big outage on a major cloud platform, this issue will hopefully be resolved quickly and Twitch won’t be down for long.