Twitch streamers copyright striked and banned for watching Democratic debate

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27/02/2020 Twitch has now apologised and reversed the bans on all the channels affected by Praxis Political’s copyright strikes.

Twitch has been forced to apologise and reverse several bans of partnered streamers’ channels after they were hit with copyright strikes for showing footage of the Democratic debate in South Carolina.

The likes of David Pakman and Mychal ‘Trihex’ Jefferson were watching the debate – which was being broadcast on CBS – along with viewers of their streams. However, they were hit with copyright strikes for sharing the coverage by a law firm called Praxis Political Legal, with Trihex even getting banned despite not playing the audio of the coverage and just the pictures and subtitles. This was similar to what another popular politics streamer, Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker, was doing on his stream, but he escaped any form of punishment.

Trihex says that it is “super unfair” to punish those watching the debate on stream and sarcastically calls it “democracy at its finest.”

The legitimacy of the strikes by Praxis Political Legal was questioned by some of the streamers affected, claiming they are “fake” strikes with the company not even working on behalf of broadcasters CBS.

‘BadBunny’ reacted to her ban by saying: “I and many other partnered Twitch streamers were just banned with DMCA strikes for broadcasting transformative content of the presidential debates. These were fake strikes issued by a domain created 2 weeks ago. Twitch offers NO protection for streamers here. This is absurd.”

This now appears to be the case, with Praxis Political’s suspiciously basic website now being taken offline and Twitch issuing a statement apologising to the affected streamers.

“Twitch’s investigation has determined that the alleged copyright infringement notices directed to channels from Praxis Political are false,” it reads. “Twitch is reinstating access to each account and removing any strike attributed to a channel in connection with the notice, effective immediately. We regret that a false notice from a 3rd party disrupted any of our streamers and appreciate all who alerted us to the concerns about Praxis Political. ”

This is not the first time the likes of Trihex have been banned for streaming political debates. In August 2019, Trihex, HasanAbi, and Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnell were all banned for broadcasting a Democratic debate.

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