Twitch streamer caught opening CS:GO cases on a plane

Pokelawls catches fellow streamer TrainwrecksTV opening Operation Shattered Web cases on a flight


With the new CS:GO operation Shattered Web came a boatload of tasty new weapon skins for players to get their hands on. However, one streamer seems to be so hooked on trying to find the best new skins that he just can’t stop opening cases… even on an aeroplane.

Tyler ‘TrainwrecksTV’ Niknam, who is best known for his popular podcasts on Twitch, was caught in the act by fellow streamer Pokelawls after the latter video called him while he was on a flight from Canada. “Train, are you alright?” asks Pokelawls. “Train, are you opening cases on a plane right now?” After a long pause, Trainwreck guiltily admits: “Yes.”

Trainwreck then proceeds to say: “Dude, I’m opening cases dude, but I’m so close to the knife I can feel it.” This is likely in reference to the red and black ‘Crimson Web’ Nomad Knife, which is covert rarity in Shattered Web cases.

He also admits that he’d been “dropping hundreds” on cases in his pursuit of the knife skin.

In a following livestream once he had returned to the US, Trainwreck told his viewers that playing CS:GO on a plane landed him in hot water after a fellow passenger complained that he was inspecting knives and guns on his laptop.

While we all love to see a new range of awesome looking skins, we’re guessing that it’s unlikely there are that many people who are so addicted to cases that they would open some on a plane… Right?