Streamlabs reveals new service that converts your Twitch clips into TikToks

Want your Twitch clips to go viral on TikTok? There's an app for that...

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Are you a Twitch streamer with sporadic urges for TikTok superstardom? A new tool from Streamlabs might be the perfect stepping stone for your ambitions. Following the company’s recent integration with the social media platform, Streamlabs has created a new tool called Crossclip which converts Twitch clips for TikTok, YouTube Shorts, or Instagram Reels.

So how does it work? Simply head over to the Crossclip website and log into your Twitch account. Once synced, you can either select one of your own saved Twitch clips, upload a video or embed the clip URL to start the editing process. 

After it’s imported, you’ll be greeted by an editing screen. Here, you can change the format for the desired platform and adjust the position of two separate cameras (to highlight gameplay and reactions simultaneously, for example). You have to sign up for Crossclip Pro, starting at $4.99 a month, to add extra layers or remove watermarks though

Once edited, download the free Crossclip mobile app (only available on iOS), where you can upload the clip to TikTok and other platforms. Congratulations, you’re on the way to becoming Addison Rae. 

Streamlabs has become known for their live streaming software across Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube, allowing streamers to broadcast easily across multiple platforms at once.

With so many streamers trying to boost their followings on TikTok, and even use the platform as a source for reaction content for livestreams and videos, its latest venture seems to make perfect sense.