CallMeCarson turns down date with porn star Mia Malkova

Twitch star CallMeCarson denied fellow streamer Malkova a date "because it's pretty funny"

CallMeCarson and Mia Malkova

Twitch streamer and YouTuber Carson ‘CallMeCarson’ King turned down a once in a lifetime opportunity to go on a date adult entertainment star and fellow streamer Mia Malkova because it was “pretty funny.”

CallMeCarson, who has a following of over 700,000 on Twitch and 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube, was one of ten contestants on The Rajjchelorette – a spin off of famous reality TV show The Bachelorette but for Twitch personalities, hosted by streamer ‘RajjPatel’. This episode saw Malkova return as the bachelorette who would whittle down her prospective dates to just one lucky guy. After narrowing the field down to CallMeCarson, it was time to see if before the show he had chosen ‘love’ – which would see the pair go on a date – or ‘host’ – which would result in RajjPatel hosting the start of his next stream.

After a suspenseful few seconds of silence, the host announced that CallMeCarson had chosen ‘host.’ This saw a disbelieving Malkova slam her fists on her desk and shout: “Damn it! Why?” CallMeCarson then proceeded to style out his decision like a boss, donning a comical pair of shades and a very smug expression.

“What’s that like? What’s that like?” he asks chuckling to himself.

“You had no reason!” Malkova argues.

“No reason for what? Dunking on you as hard as I did,” CallMeCarson replies. “It was pretty funny, and now I can say: Mia Malkova wanted to go on a date with me and I turned her down. And that’s very funny.”

The flex didn’t stop there, with CallMeCarson revealing he can’t even accept the offer of a host because he isn’t planning on streaming until hours later.

Malkova’s unexpected denial was watched by around 34,000 viewers, while the clip of the hilarious moment has been seen a further 65,000 times.