New Zealand’s Prime Minister crashes Broxh’s carving stream

The PM paid a visit to Broxh, who is widely regarded as Twitch's most wholesome streamer

He’s made a name for himself as one of the most skilled and wholesome streamers on Twitch, and Dayton ‘Broxh’ Taputu’s notoriety in his native New Zealand has now landed him with one of the most impressive cameos ever seen in streaming.

Broxh – who streams himself making incredible traditional Maori carvings – had a very special guest drop by to his September 7 stream: New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern. Having gone from just a thousand followers on Twitch in April this year to over a million followers today, Broxh’s carving streams and humble demeanor has made him one of Twitch’s most recognisable faces, and this has now seen the PM pay him a visit to check out his handiwork.

While the PM was a little bewildered by the speed of Broxh’s chat and some of the emotes being spammed by around 2,000 viewers at the time, she was intrigued and impressed by not only the streamer’s craftsmanship but also by his online community.

Ardern even convinced Broxh to do his famous hair flick and also had a go at carving herself.

After Ardern departed, a visibly stunned and proud Broxh reflected on the moment.

“First stream [ever] to have the person running the country on,” says Broxh. “Well, everyone that was here just created history, and a big thank you to everyone that helped with that.”

While it was only a short visit by the PM, it provided yet more wholesome clips to add to Broxh’s ever increasing collection and was an amazing moment for his viewers.

Ardern was elected as New Zealand’s Prime Minister in 2017. The country is just over a month away from its next general election, where she will look to secure a second term.