Alinity asks Twitch to extend her 24 hour ban

The streamer had a wardrobe malfunction on stream

Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollan has asked Twitch to extend her ban, after she accidentally showed her nipple on stream over the weekend. The controversial streamer was handed a 24 hour ban on April 24, but Alinity doesn’t think the ban is long enough for what she did.

The streamer, who is now on a three day break was caught out after an attempt to stuff a pillow down her shirt mid-stream went wrong. With Twitch’s new community guidelines on nudity and cleavage, it was clear the streamer fell foul of the regulations. However despite accepting her fate, Alinity has gone one step further and asked Twitch to extend her ban to a full three days.

Alinity has been under intense scrutiny by viewers for her behaviour on stream ever since the infamous cat-throwing incident last year. Although it’s not clear why she asked Twitch to extend her ban this time around, many are speculating it’s because she wants people to believe she’s being treated fairly.

“How long is the suspension for?,” one fan asked on Twitter (via Dexerto). “24 hours,” Alinity responded. “Not long enough. I’m actually trying to get it extended to three days.”

Although Alinity’s actual ban has already expired, we won’t hear from her until she returns from her break tomorrow (April 28). As that was her second ban though, the streamer will need to be on her best behaviour going forward.