Valorant Champions Tour warns G2 after coach comms rule break

G2 Esports isn't the only Valorant team found to have been in breech of the rules, as both T1 and Movistar Riders have recently found themselves in hot water

G2 Esports Valorant competitive ruling: the VCT Champions stage

Valorant Champions Tour qualification is well underway, with teams all over the world vying for a place in the esports’ top competition. Unfortunately for G2 Esports, the team has found itself in hot water with Riot after the team’s coach, Daniil ‘pipsoN’ Meshcheryakov, communicated with the team mid-round.

According to the competitive ruling – which saw pipsoN unmute to celebrate with the squad after a clutch round against Team Vitality – the coach violated section 7.2.11 of the Valorant Global Competition Policy, which bans unauthorised comms outside of “designated Tactical and Technical paused periods.”

Fortunately, as pipsoN wasn’t sharing strats, or offering instruction to his players, G2 has only received an official warning. pipsoN himself since taken to Twitter to apologise for the incident, while promising that “this was unintentional and won’t happen again in the future.”

The issue of coaches communicating with players outside of their designated windows isn’t a new one. Earlier this week, T1 was forced to forfeit its VCT NA Open Qualifier 1 run after head coach David Denis gave players instructions during its match against Team SoloMid. T1 has since suspended Denis, who apologised following the event.

Teams juking it out for VCT qualification aren’t the only ones to have succumbed to malpractice, either. Today, Valorant Regional League side Movistar Riders was issued a three-point deduction after head coach Lucas ‘LRojo’ Rojo gave written instructions to his players during their match against RIX.GG.

As with Denis and pipsoN, LRojo apologised via Twitter. “Sorry,” he says. “Nothing else to say, Riot is right.”

With the seemingly growing number of comms infractions taking place, Riot and tournament organisers will be eager to ensure the competitive integrity of future matches is upheld as we move towards Challengers 1.