VCT Masters-qualified Bren Esports parts ways with Valorant roster

Bren couldn't send its players to VCT Masters Berlin due to visa issues - now it's roster is leaving the org

Valorant characters Omen and Yoru

Philippines-based Bren Esports has made the surprise announcement that it will be letting go of its Valorant roster, which recently conquered the Southeast Asia region in the Valorant Champions Tour to qualify for VCT Masters Berlin.

The news that the all-Philippine roster is leaving Bren comes after the organisation revealed that it was unable to travel to Germany for the VCT Masters event due to issues with players’ travel visas. Whether the players’ departure is linked to the fact they failed to compete in Germany is unconfirmed.

“It has truly been a rollercoaster ride for the Bren Esports Valorant team,” reads a post on Bren’s official Facebook page. “From slowly dominating the local competitive scene to breaking barriers as the first [Philippines] branded esports team to win an SEA Championship, the Bren Esports Valorant team will always have a place in the history books.”

It goes on to say that the team “has decided to explore and review other possible opportunities”, which seems to suggest the talented roster could be looking to join a new organisation.

The roster was in prime position to qualify for the end-of-year Valorant Champions event, sitting joint-second in the SEA VCT Points leaderboard. However, should Paper Rex, the other SEA team to qualify for Masters Berlin, finish 12th or higher at the tournament, it would overtake the departing Bren roster.

With such a talented lineup, it seems like only a matter of time until the quintet is picked up by another organisation.