Acend and SuperMassive Blaze lock in VCT Masters Berlin spots

The EMEA region officially has its first two Valorant Champions Tour Stage 3 Masters Berlin representatives. After yesterday’s third round of upper bracket play, which saw Acend ascend above Gambit Esports, and SuperMassive Blaze put in a massive performance against G2 Esports, both teams have now punched their tickets to Germany.

Acend found itself contesting against two of the CIS’ top teams – firstly dispatching Navi 2-0, before turning its attention to Gambit. In this three-map series, Acend was hot out of the gates with a 13-7 victory on Bind, before dropping Ascent – Navi’s map pick – 13-10. However, the team put an end to Navi’s hopes with a 13-5 drubbing on Icebox.

Mehmet ‘cNed’ Ipek continued to show why he’s considered the region’s answer to Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo, picking up the MVP award in both series piloting his usual combination of Jett and Sage.

Meanwhile, cNed’s native Turkey will also be sending a team to Berlin, after SuperMassive Blaze smashed both FunPlus Phoenix and G2 2-0. The round two tie against FPX ended 13-6 on Ascent, and 13-10 on Split, while yesterday’s demolition of G2 saw SMB take Bind 13-4, and Ascent 13-5. The moral of the matches? Fear SMB on Ascent.

With two teams locked in, there are now only two EMEA spots left. And with plenty of stacked rosters, including those from G2, Team Liquid, and Gambit all vying for them, the lower bracket is going to see some absolute banger games.