Vancouver Titans releases its Overwatch team two days before league match

The Vancouver Titans were one of the best teams in the Overwatch League. The team, which was largely full of young and cocky Korean talent, were favourites to avenge their grand final loss last year, but that’s probably not going to happen anymore. Today, due to internal conflict and pressures caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the entire roster has been dropped.

“At the start of the season the team and the organisation’s spirits were at an all-time high,” Tim Holloway, the esports director says in an open letter to fans. “The team was ready to avenge their Grand Finals loss and contend once again for an Overwatch League championship. We were excited for the players to experience Vancouver as their new home, and we were ready to introduce them to you through content and events throughout the season as they settled into their new home away from home at Adamas Esports Training + Performance.”

However, after the coronavirus swept nation after nation and homestand events were cancelled, Vancouver Titans flew their players home so they could be with family. Initially, the organisation planned to move competition to the Asian division of the league, but the time difference meant it was difficult for organisational staff and fans to connect with their players. Plus, technical difficulties “exacerbated the situation.”

As a result, the Titans came to an agreement with the team to release the following players and coaches:

  • HyoJong ‘HakSal’ Kim
  • Minsoo ‘Seominsoo’ Seo
  • Seongjun ‘Slime’ Kim
  • Chunghee ‘Stitch’ Lee
  • Juseok ‘Twilight’ Lee
  • JeHong ‘RyuJeHong’ Yu
  • Yangwong ‘Yang1’ Kweon
  • Jae Hong ‘Andante’ Hwang
  • Chan Hyeon ‘Fissure’ Baek

This doesn’t signal the end of the Titans in the Overwatch League, though. Holloway’s letter suggests the organisation will be announcing its new roster in the coming days, widely believed to the Contenders team Second Wind.

But they’ll need to act quickly. The Vancouver Titan’s next game is slated to take place on May 9.

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