Super says he’s still on “good terms” with former Shock teammate sinatraa

Another year, another Overwatch League grand finals weekend for the San Francisco Shock. Although the team finds itself on familiar ground, quite a lot has changed – including its roster. Superstar talent like Jay ‘sinatraa’ Won and Minho ‘Architect’ Park have moved on, but Matthew ‘super’ DeLisi’s team is still feeling the love from his former teammates.

Speaking to The Loadout in pre-grand finals press conference, the tank says there’s no love lost between him and his former teammates, and even though last year’s MVP decided to pack his bags and try and make in Valorant, they’re both still rooting for one another.

“I actually spoke to him [sinatraa] today about something else, but yeah, he’s cheering us on,” super says. “Actually, all our former Shock guys are. Architect, sinatraa, Nevix, sleepy – they’re all looking to see us win again.

“I do keep in touch with them – maybe not as often as I’d like – but when I can, I’ll talk to them. So yeah, we’re still on good terms.”

When the boys aren’t playing Overwatch, they are watching sinatraa from the sidelines, hoping he can achieve his past Overwatch form in the Valorant world. This undying level of support is something that makes the team special, according to general manager Chris ‘Thugnasty’ Chung.

“Sinatraa will even trash talk for us too,” he jokes. “I think that’s what’s really great about all our old players – they always send us words of encouragement and I think that is something very unique about the Shock, and it’s something I’m very thankful for.”

Having a support network in something like Overwatch is ideal to keeping level headed and it’s clearly working. The players say they fear no one heading into the weekend and they’re ready to defend their crown.

Fans won’t have to wait very long to see how the Shock fare either. The team take on the Asian second seed Seoul Dynasty on Thursday, October 8 from 4am PT (7am ET/12pm BST). You can catch the match over on YouTube.