Blizzard hasn’t told Sinatraa when his Overwatch League will be released

Overwatch League winner Sinatraa of San Francisco Shock

The 2019 Overwatch League MVP, Jay ‘sinatraa’ Won is being kept in the dark about the release of his skin after he accidentally revealed on stream last year that he had picked Zarya.

The San Francisco Shock DPS played most of the season with the hero, topping the league’s overall damage chart with 12,662 per 10 minutes. He quickly established himself as one of the best players to ever main the hero, forcing other teams to take open high ground positions to counter his plays. But despite being named as the best player in the world last season, Blizzard is refusing to tell the American any details about his MVP skin after he told his Twitch followers in September 2019 that he’d selected Zarya for the makeover.

“When’s my skin coming out? I dunno,” he says on Twitch in a clip you watch below. “They literally tell me nothing now because I leaked that one thing about it being Zarya back then. So they tell me nothing – it’s actually a tragedy. Fuck my life.”

Sinatraa’s Zarya cosmetic will be the second Overwatch League MVP skin to be produced for the game. It follows Bang ‘JJoNaK’ Sung-hyeon’s Zenyatta skin which was Octopus themed.

Fans shouldn’t have to wait too long for the skin though. Season three of the Overwatch League starts this weekend with the New York Excelsior and Dallas Fuel homestands. All fixtures hosted in China in the next two months have been cancelled though over coronavirus concerns.