Housebound esports photographer captures incredible Overwatch League screenshots

There is no end to Robert Paul's talents

Tracer Overwatch League

Since the Overwatch League went online, esports photographer Robert Paul has been out of a regular job. So to get his Overwatch fix, Paul has been playing around with the replay editor, capturing some incredible moments in-game, rather than on stage.

The Overwatch League, which was initially halted due to the spread of coronavirus, has now been resumed online, so Paul jumped into the replay editor last night to work his magic. Picking a game between Chengdu Hunters and Shanghai Dragons match from the weekend, the photographer captured some incredible screenshots that really help tell the story of the series that ended 3-0 in the Hunters’ favour.

For his second attempt, Paul disabled the UI, and took to the streets with the Los Angeles Gladiators and the San Francisco Shock, and honestly, the shots he took look like they’ve been pulled straight from a press or marketing pack for Overwatch as a whole.

“Someone tell Activision to hire me for that open Capture Artist position,” Paul jokes on Twitter after his shots were shared far and wide by the Overwatch community.

It’s not the first time Paul has done something like this either. Back in October, the photographer shared some of his screengrabs from Destiny 2, which again, are absolutely incredible.

As a photographer confined to four walls, Paul shows us you can still be creative and find beauty at your fingertips even in these dark days.