Dafran would tilt if he didn’t have the right chair in the Overwatch League


Overwatch League bosses had to make sure Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca had a chair without arm rests at events otherwise he would tilt, his former coach has revealed. The former Atlanta Reign player, who has since retired, has a tick that requires him to reposition himself on the chair every time he dies.

Brad ‘Sephy’ Rajani, the Atlanta Reign coach, talks about the strange request on the Tactical Crouch Podcast, following a discussion about players who like to have their own environment in a competitive setting.

“It was like a chair and then it has a post it note with Dafran on it,” Sephy says. “It was basically a stage chair in Overwatch League where they took the arm rests off. Basically every time he dies, he puts his hands down by his side and he repositions himself in the chair and the arm rests kind of get in the way of him doing that – so it’s like a mental tick for him.

“‘Oh I died, let me reset.’ And if he keeps bumping into the arm rests, it tilts him. But that had to be a special request with the League, right? Now try doing that at a bunch of different homestands.”

The Overwatch League is set to become a travelling show full-time next season, with homestand events taking place in each and every city. To prepare teams for the constant travelling, Blizzard has hired travel and immigration experts to work with teams on their travel plans.

But, as discussed in the podcast, organisers may have some specific requests from players to deal with too. Dafran might not be playing competitively anymore, but pro players are known for being sticklers of making sure the desk height is right or there’s enough space between their monitor and their keyboard.

When the League’s no longer in one place, and organisers do not have a set rulebook on playing environments, Blizzard might have a lot more than travel to worry about next season.