PSG Unified says caPs is “shining too brightly” on the MSI 2022 stage

It's been a day of mixed results for PSG Talon in the League of Legends MSI 2022 Rumble Stage, and botlaner Unified knows the team still has a long way to go

League of Legends MSI 2022 PSG Talon Unified interview: Unified competing while wearing a black headset and white jersey

After a hard-fought day of MSI 2022 Rumble Stage play, PSG Talon came out with a very respectable 1-1 record. The PCS representative has a long way to go, however, towards replicating the lofty heights it reached at last year’s tournament.

The first game of the day saw a very strong start against Vietnamese side Saigon Buffalo nearly fall to the wayside as it approached the half-way point. However, the team was able to right the ship before it sank, securing its first step towards the Knockout Stage. Unfortunately, PSG came up against a T1 side that had been deeply wounded by G2 Esports later in the day, and was swept aside by the LCK invincibles.

Following PSG’s mixed day of results, The Loadout spoke to botlaner Wong ‘Unified’ Chun Kit about the games, making his return to the international stage after a disappointing Worlds 2021 campaign, and what his current thoughts are on his 2v2 competition.

Unified it is very good to be speaking to you again! I would just like to start with getting your thoughts on how the games went today – what you thought went well, and what you think you can do better heading into tomorrow.

“I think today’s matchups matched our expectations because we focused more on ensuring we won the game against Saigon Buffalo, but we still made so many mistakes in the mid-game. Fortunately we were able to get away with it, and the victory really helped us build our confidence, but as a whole team we really have so many adjustments and improvements to make.

On a high note, I will personally give myself a pass when evaluating my own performance [in that game].”

I definitely think you played very well today. It’s great to see you back at an international event again after what I remember you telling me was a disappointing end to Worlds. Do you feel that there’s an extra onus on yourself and PSG to redeem yourselves here at MSI?

“Yeah I think I really need to perform well in this MSI. This is my first time at an MSI and so many people are watching, so this is a super good platform for me to prove myself to all of them on. But in order to show you guys a very good performance I need to make more adjustments, and try my best in every single matchup.”

Thinking about the other bot lanes left at the tournament, I would just like to get your thoughts on who you feel has been performing well so far, and who you feel hasn’t quite been performing to their potential.

“I think the bot lane that has really performed super well is RNG’s, and they pile a huge amount of pressure on us [when we play]. I think T1’s bot lane hasn’t performed very well [today] because they got caught a lot of times and their KDA isn’t that good – I feel like they aren’t as dominant as they usually are in the LCK. They can be super, super strong, but they haven’t shown that level of performance on the MSI stage so far. Maybe they’re nervous.

G2’s bot lane fared a lot better against T1 and RNG than many thought they would. Was this surprising to you from what you’ve seen – be it in scrims or otherwise?

“I don’t really have any comments on the G2 bot lane’s performance today. Rasmus ‘caPs’ Winther was shining too brightly on-stage and made so many super plays, so it’s hard for me to comment on the bot lane because of him.”

Coming back to your team. This time around PSG has brought Lee ‘Juhan’ Ju-han and Park ‘Bay’ Jun-byeong to the international stage. How has the team changed from last year?

“Our new players are still rookies – they are quite young, and are less experienced. Because of this they are maybe sometimes a bit nervous playing on stage unlike Huang ‘Maple’ Yi-Tang was, and have a lesser understanding of the meta. But it’s something they’ll improve on.”

Last question: Thinking ahead to the future, patch 12.10 is going to increase the durability of League’s champions. What are your thoughts on 12.10 and what it means for botlaners?

“So I’m not too familiar with the patch, but I feel like maybe some late game AD champions like Aphelios and Jinx can appear on stage again, because survivability is definitely key for those champions.”

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