Tahm Kench won’t be available in the LEC this week

The River King will have to wait another week before he can make his voyage onto the Rift

Tahm Kench, an amphibious champion from League of Legends

League of Legends patch 11.13 finally saw the launch of the long-awaited Tahm Kench rework. However, fans of the LEC will have to wait a bit longer to see the River King return to pro play, with Riot confirming that the Kench has indeed been benched this week.

“For LEC Week 4 we are going to block the frog, and will disable Tahm Kench as we consider the changes to his kit a major rework,” says head of esports for LoL in Europe & MENA, Maximilian ‘MAXtheX’ Schmidt.

It isn’t unusual for champions which have undergone a major rework to initially be left out of pro play. Dr Mundo received a full VGU, and was only released into the wilds of the LEC last week after his arrival on patch 11.12.

Tahm Kench has had a bit of a rough time settling into his new skin in soloq so far, with his top lane and support win-rates in and above Platinum sitting at 46% and 42% respectively according to U.GG. Naturally, these will rise somewhat as players get to grips with the changes, though some members of the community are already calling for buffs.

MAXtheX has also announced that LoL’s newest items, Hullbreaker and Anathema’s Chains, will make their debut this week. As such, fans should keep their eyes focused on the top lane where these new spices have been added.