LEC gets its own fantasy league for League of Legends fans

LEC SuperFantasy lets you create your European LoL dream team

LEC Fnatic

Everyone’s got that one mate who considers themselves an expert when it comes to League of Legends esports. They’ll claim to know which player will be the next rising star and who will be walking away with a sky-high KDA. Well now you can get them to prove it.

The LEC SuperFantasy lets you pick your own five-player god squad – plus one tactical genius coach – to earn you points amongst thousands of other European LoL fans. As well as picking just the common version of each player, you can also acquire special rare, epic, or legendary cards in packs, which can hold items that boost the number of points you earn from their LEC performances. You can also apply event cards to your roster which will give special bonuses to bump up your points even more.

Remember that annoying know-it-all mate of yours? Well, you can create your own private league and invite them to join you, so you can see at the end of the split who the real big brain LoL fan is. You can also join the worldwide leaderboard, competing against every other SuperFantasy player.

There are a few parameters, however, to stop you from literally just picking G2.

You can only have two players from the same team on your roster at once, and if you’re lucky enough to have a collection full of epic and legendary cards, you can’t just throw them all in at the same time either. Still, you can make a pretty sweet lineup.

You can sign up for LEC SuperFantasy right here.