The LEC Summer Split Finals will no longer take place in Malmo

The Summer Split Finals will now take place either remotely or from the LEC studio in Berlin

LEC 2019

The League of Legends European Championship has announced that the finals of the 2020 Summer Split will not be hosted in Malmo, Sweden, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The finals of the Spring Split earlier this year were set to be held in the Hungarian capital Budapest before they were called off as the LEC went into an online format. With the pandemic continuing to see travel restricted and lockdowns put in place in various countries, the Summer Split Finals have too been called off.

In some more positive news, production of the Summer Split, which kicks off on June 12, will return to the LEC studio in Berlin, but teams will still compete remotely from their respective headquarters. Coverage will be ran by a “skeleton production crew” to begin with, according to the announcement post, but that the league will be looking to increase the number of staff at the Berlin studio over the coming weeks with the intention of hopefully having the players competing in the studio rather than online. However, this is not a guarantee.

“The reasoning behind this gradual approach is that the amount of staff we require in the studio increases drastically when teams, press, or audience return,” the post reads. “Therefore, we will start with a minimal approach to keep the risk low and allow for a slow ramp-up in a controlled environment.”

The post does also say that there is currently no timeline on when they expect live audiences to be able to return to the Berlin studio, so it is highly unlikely there will be any crowd if teams do return to compete offline.