MAD Lions vs Rogue sets new LEC Spring Split viewership record

Over 800,000 tuned in on Twitch, with over 300,000 watching concurrently

League of Legends team MAD Lions holding the 2021 LEC trophy

After one of the most memorable and dramatic endings to an LEC split, hardly anyone has had the time to consider the final’s viewership. However, we’re delighted to say the numbers are in, and despite LEC finals regulars G2 and Fnatic being absent, MAD Lions and Rogue still managed to draw in a huge crowd.

According to Esports Charts, yesterday’s final attracted a peak audience of 831,000 on Twitch – the highest ever for a Spring Split game. MAD Lions vs Rogue now slots in as the fourth most-watched LEC game ever, behind three G2 vs Fnatic matches from the 2019 and 2020 Summer Splits. While all 831,000 viewers weren’t watching at the same time, the average number of concurrent viewers throughout the series was no slouch, with over 300,000 people tuning in to the English language broadcast at any given time.

Despite the usual suspects being out of the picture this time around, the prospect of a new champion after six years of G2 and Fnatic dominance was clearly enough to attract such a large audience.

Both Rogue and MAD Lions have enjoyed an upwards trajectory since coming into the league. Rogue went from a tenth-place team in Spring 2019, to dominating both the 2020 Summer and 2021 Spring regular splits. Through careful scouting and a longer term vision, Rogue has gradually developed into the powerhouse team we see today.

MAD Lions meanwhile took a quicker route to the top. Having initially electrified the LEC with its 2020 Spring Split Playoffs victory over G2, the team quickly cemented itself as a contender for the top in its first LEC season. However, after a disastrous Worlds campaign, questions were raised over whether or not the team could sustain its place. With its victory over Rogue in yesterday’s final, those questions have certainly been answered.