MAD Lions’ Mac says a Cloud9 LoL MSI matchup would be the “dankest timeline”

MAD Lions' League of Legends head coach reveals who he's eager to match up against at MSI 2021

A close up of MAD Lions coach Mac wearing a face mask

With an LEC trophy in its cabinet, the MAD Lions League of Legends team is riding high. However, the team cannot rest on its laurels, as with its Spring Split victory over Rogue comes a spot at the Mid-Season Invitational. Here, MAD will test its mettle against the best teams from each region, including Worlds champion DWG KIA and LCS champion Cloud9.

As part of an upcoming interview with The Loadout, head coach James ‘Mac’ MacCormack reveals that, perhaps unsurprisingly given MAD’s style, the Brit is craving a showdown with whichever team the LPL sends out of finalists FunPlus Phoenix and Royal Never Give Up. “I love the way China plays League of Legends,” he says. “MAD Lions is like a mini Chinese team, because that’s what I want for us – I want us to play like they do in the LPL.”

The coach attributes much of the team’s early game prowess during the Spring regular split to lessons learned from watching Chinese teams. “It’s so high speed,” Mac says, “it’s about keeping your foot on the gas, and forcing your opponent into making mistakes.” For MAD’s players, Mac is eager to have them match up against the LPL representative as a primer on how the team hopes to continue playing moving forward.

When asked about MAD’s chances against the LPL, Mac remains quietly confident. “I honestly have no idea, but it’s gonna be real explosive, that’s for sure,” he remarks. With only a short time between now and MSI kicking off on May 6, there isn’t a great deal of time for in-depth scouting to take place. As such, information – or the lack thereof – of what teams may have up their sleeves could be crucial to swinging the outcome of a match. Mac himself feels this would have a “huge impact” on a potential matchup.

When asked if there was another side Mac is eager to go up against, the coach introduces us to the “dankest timeline” – a matchup against Cloud9. “There’s so much hyperbole around NA as a region right now,” he notes. “The region is getting completely flamed into the floor for being bad, only importing people, and not investing in talent.

“I want us to have a best-of-five against them. I obviously think we can beat them – that would be the best thing to happen for MSI from a narrative perspective, apart from us going all the way and winning it…” With MAD being grouped with the TCL – the region which knocked the team out of Worlds last year – they may even be scope for regional payback when the group stage rolls round.