G2 Esports claims League of Legends Championship Spring Split title

The organisation now has seven LEC titles to its name


Just over 84 minutes was all it took for G2 Esports to pick apart Fnatic in the LEC Spring Split Finals yesterday afternoon. With this victory, the worlds finalists now equal their rivals’ record with seven LEC titles apiece.

G2 Esports has had an interesting run to the finals. The team was pushed into the lower bracket by MAD Lions in the first round of the playoffs, shocking the European League of Legends community in the process. The loss provided a much needed wake up call for the team, who then responded with some of the cleanest plays we’ve seen all year in the competitive scene.

The draft of the first game was locked in within minutes, with G2 locking in a Lulu and Kog’Maw partnership in the bot lane – a combination they had clearly prepped for. Fnatic on the other hand were too slow on the Rift, losing lane and team fights again and again.

G2 overwhelmed Fnatic in every sense of the word. Game three was more competitive, but G2’s patience paid off until the right moment to strike became available.

Fnatic may have underperformed on the day, but G2 Esports also played out of their minds on the day. It’ll be interesting to see how both teams fare on the Rift when the competition returns on May 22.