Astralis “condemns” promisq behaviour following League of Legends toxicity

LoL players shared several screenshots showing toxic messages from promisq

Astralis player promisq wearing a black jersey and glasses

Astralis has released a statement condemning the behaviour of veteran support Hampus ‘promisq’ Abrahamsson after members of the League of Legends community posted screenshots of toxic in-game messages from the Swede.

One of the top posts on the League of Legends subreddit right now is a collection of tweets that show some of the inappropriate remarks promisq has made, and now his team has addressed the issue. In its statement, Astralis says: “We are aware of the current situation with promisq regarding his recent misbehaviour and use of profanities online. It’s a matter we take very seriously. At Astralis we condemn such behaviour, which does not live up to our values and company culture.” The Danish organisation also says that while its players are currently on a break following the end of the Spring Split, it will be “handling the matter internally” with promisq.

The 27-year-old’s remarks range from threatening to “run it down” if players don’t lock in certain champions to asking one player if he was dropped as a child.

With toxicity common in ranked LoL, seeing a player of promisq’s experience add to the problem is certainly disheartening for the community.

Having spent the 2020 season playing in the Prime League with mousesports, promisq was thrown an LEC lifeline by Astralis during the offseason as it completely rebuilt its roster. Despite the changes, the team finished ninth in the Spring Split.