League of Legends fans will decide the LEC All-Pro Team this split

The LEC has revealed some changes to its awards system for 2021

The LEC has announced some changes to its usual end-of-split awards system. As well as adding a new award, League of Legends fans can now vote for who they think the best player in each role was during the split, as they now have control over the All-Pro Team award.

The All-Pro team, which would crown the league’s best performing player in each of the five roles from the split, was previously an ‘expert’ award that saw other players, coaches, analysts, and journalists cast the vote. Now though, it will become the sole community award, allowing fans to vote for which players they think were the best in their position.

The experts will now vote on three awards. This includes the usual MVP and Rookie of the Split awards, but Coach of the Year will now change to Coaching Team of the Year, highlighting the efforts of all the backroom staff rather than just the head coach.

Some concerns have been raised that a fan-voted All-Pro Team is not such a great idea, as it could solely become a popularity contest – like the end of season All-Star event – with fans picking their favourite player, rather than the best performer.

However, the LEC assures fans in its announcement post that the first edition of these new-look awards will be a trial, and the league is open to feedback. There are also “more details to come” on the voting process in the near future.

While the All-Pro change is slightly controversial, the decision to commend a team’s entire coaching team has been widely praised. With the original Coach of the Year role, the plaudits went to just one person, but now analysts, physical and mental fitness coaches, and other staff can be awarded for their collective effort.