PapaSmithy calls League of Legends Worlds SKT predictions “fanciful”

The 100 Thieves general manager says G2 wasn't given enough credit

The general manager of 100 Thieves’ League of Legends team has called out all the analysts who ignored G2 Esport’s good run of form to predict that SK Telecom T1 would make it to the Worlds final.

Chris ‘PapaSmithy’ Smith, who is also a LoL analyst, made the comments on The 9s: Summoning Insight show last night, stating that although G2 struggled in the early game, they were always going to take the win.

Drakos, Froskurinn, Kobe, and Raz noted on The Divephoria before the semi-finals that SKT under performed in the quarter-final against Splyce. Raz even predicted Faker to sweep G2 away in the semi-finals, while Froskurinn said that SKT were the best attacking team in the tournament.

“I think the language here is important because I think the fact SKT got leads made it close series,” PapaSmithy says. “I actually think anyone predicting SKT to win here was being very fanciful about an ideal SKT historical.

“I’m with you in that you play this series ten times, I think G2 win eight at least. I do think that they were considerably the better team here. But I think this was one of the better results [for G2] who aren’t necessarily a fantastic early game team.”

G2 beat SKT in a thrilling semi-final which Wunder called the “real final” of the competition. The European team will face FunPlus Phoenix in the finals on Sunday, November 10.