League of Legends fan creates an incredible Worlds song mashup

League of Legends Worlds song

We all know the League of Legends World Championship anthem makes the annual competition just that little bit better, so what happens if you combine two anthems together? Well, that’s what one fan has done on Reddit and we just can’t stop listening to it.

Using this year’s song, Phoenix, which was only released at the end of the Play-In stage, and last year’s song Rise, content creator Masso Music has created Rising Phoenix and LoL fans on both Reddit and YouTube can’t get enough of it.

His mashup might only have a modest 5,000 views, but with the mixed reaction to Phoenix, which features Calin Russo and Chrissy Costanza, we think the the LoL DJ might have nailed it with this one, bringing the best parts of both songs into a single banger that could be used in the Worlds broadcast tomorrow.

“This should be the World tune because Phoenix itself was a bit disappointing,” YouTuber Abdi Mahamed says. “That was 100* more hype than Phoenix alone,” Keith Charland adds. If you too were disappointed with Phoenix, you’ll want to give this a listen.

The overall response from the community has been positive, with only a small transition in the latter part of the song being flagged. Considering Phoenix and Rise are two very different songs, we think Masso Music has done a pretty good job.

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