Only 12 League of Legends fans still have perfect Worlds 2020 Pick’ems

Despite a significant upset in the semi-finals, 12 League of Legends gurus have managed to achieve something five million other LoL esports fans couldn’t: predict the outcome of every game at Worlds 2020 so far. Following DAMWON’s dispatching of G2 and Suning’s shock win over Top Esports, just 12 people remain with a perfect Worlds Pick’em.

Whether it was magic, luck, or some insider knowledge that has got them here, the 12 have just one last test: calling this year’s world champion. While the odds point in favour of DAMWON lifting the Summoner’s Cup, how many will take a punt on Suning causing yet another upset in the final? These 12 were brave enough to root for Suning in the semis, so it will be interesting to see how many will stick with the LPL third seeds on Saturday. Prior to the semi-finals, 230 League of Legends fans had faultless Pick’ems, so it’s clear that Suning’s surprise victory really thinned out the pack. Either that or there were 208 very unhappy G2 supporters…

Aside from bragging rights and a good reason to host your own Reddit AMA, there’s some tasty loot on offer for any of the 12 remaining players who correctly call the final.

Perfect predictors will not only get five gorgeous Ultimate champion skins to show off in-game, but they’ll also get their hands on an Alienware Aurora Battlestation PC.

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