Ocelote says G2 Esports will win a Worlds title in the future

Ocelote thinks G2 can take a lot of positives from this League of Legends loss.

G2 Esports Worlds

Following a clean sweep in the League of Legends World Championship finals tonight, G2 Esports’ founder says the organisation must take positives and look ahead to the future.

Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodríguez Santiago says he put this team together to win a World Championship, and despite falling short at this year’s tournament, he believes this team can go on to be world champions in the near future. But for now, the team has to reflect on its tournament and understand what they can do to improve the team’s chances next year.

“This team was put together to win Worlds. This is the closest we have ever been and it very feels bad to fall,” he says. “Whether it’s in two or three years, winning Worlds is still the goal. And I think we have the right team to accomplish that.

“I think there is a couple of things we have to learn too. Worlds is very long, so how do make sure we don’t lose energy? We as an orgnisation could have done better, and I take responsibility in that regard.”

Despite that, the G2 founder says that he doesn’t regret the trash talk culture and the memes this tournament.

“We like to have fun. Having fun feels better when you win, but we are gracious enough to make fun of ourselves when things don’t go well.”

Regardless of G2’s loss at Worlds, the players can hold their heads up high for their performance this tournament.